Index Returns

Are your investment returns keeping up with your benchmark?

Conservative 40/601.43%2.98% 7.71% 13.62%
Moderate 60/403.65%5.84% 12.23% 17.92%
Growth 80/208.13% 11.93% 23.60% 30.38%
S&P 500 Total Return5.49%8.55%21.58% 31.17%

as of 8/31/21

Conservative 40% S&P 500-60% Barclays Agg
Moderate 60% S&P 500-40% Barclays Agg
S&P 500 Total Return-S&P 500 including Dividends
S&P 500 Value Total Return-S&P 500 including Dividends

Source: MG&A

A lot of financial advisors won’t tell you which index to compare your returns to, because it’s really hard to beat. But that’s what you pay them for.

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