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walking the tight rope

Walking the Tight Rope

I don’t often give you a mid-week update but given the volatility we are seeing and the fact that I’m

shopping for stocks

Stock Picker’s Market

“It’s a stock picker’s market”…hearing this comment a lot on the TV from pretty much every guest that comes on


Well, the big news of the last week was not the re-test of the February lows but was Elon Musk


To watch/listen to this week’s article please click here. My favorite piece of economic data was released last Thursday,

growing seedling

Tis the Season

Tis the season of earnings. Oh yeah, I love this time of year. The market passes out grades for company


Plain Old Inflation

Inflation seems to be the big topic of conversation both on TV but also in a few client meetings this

american flag, usa, patriotic, red white blue

Presidential Returns

The third year of a president’s term (for both parties), has been positive 91% of the time, with the average

Bracket Set Up

I’m strange. I know it. I talk funny, look funny and at times when the market is taking a dump


The most telegraphed fiscal announcement occurred last Wednesday with the Federal reserve raising the Fed funds rate 25 basis points.

Corrective Patterns

As we go through half time in the first quarter of the year, most investors are looking at their account

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