Investing Principles

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Adversity Is Fuel

To watch/listen to this article please click here.   Think about the news, an industry that is motivated and paid

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Re-Laying the Foundation

I’ve seen that look. Sometimes I’m in the middle of a meeting, talking about the economy, investments, risk, return and

When Cash Can Be King

The past few weeks I’ve had a lot more bonds called and/or matured in the portfolios I manage than I

Add Low, Trim High

As we get ready to close the books on 2020, a year most around the world will remember forever as

Beneath The Surface

Just looking at the major indexes (S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average & Nasdaq), you look and say the market

When Fundamentals Don’t Matter

To watch/listen to this week’s article please click here. Fundamentals in investing relies on business plans, quality of management, earnings

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Where to From Here?

To watch/listen to this week’s article, click here. or copy & paste the following link: The last few weeks I’ve written

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Oil is not Well

For those that would rather watch than read, check out the video version of this article here. I have a

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