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The Really Big Picture

I’ve spent a lot of time in the weeds, both in my day-to-day role and what I write to you

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Re-Laying the Foundation

I’ve seen that look. Sometimes I’m in the middle of a meeting, talking about the economy, investments, risk, return and

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Playing the Long Game

To watch or listen to this week’s article please click here. I’m as guilty as anyone in focusing in short

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The 1%…Drops

Another drop, another quick rebound last week. This is the 7th time this year that the S&P 500 has retraced

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Diving into Earnings

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus. We are back in earnings season, which is the time of the quarter that things

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Uncle Sam in the Spotlight

To watch/listen to this week’s article please click here. The next agenda item on the Biden Administration will be taxes.

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Inflation Expatiation

To watch/listen to this week’s article please click here. Back in the seat this week after a week up in


To watch/listen to a quick recap of this week’s article please click here. If you’ve been watching business news these

Sound the Alarm #Inflation

To watch/listen to this week’s article please click here. I’ve said for a while now that this bull market will

Wading Through Valuations

Anytime you see a major market moving event (like Covid), it will be followed by earnings estimate changes from analysts

Closed Door, Open Window

Last week saw the first time President Biden addressed the joint session of congress. And for most, including yours truly,

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