Inverted Consumer

There is a lot of talk about the inversion in the yield curve this week with the difference between the

Bracket Set Up

I’m strange. I know it. I talk funny, look funny and at times when the market is taking a dump

It’s Not You–It’s Them

Is your advisor breaking up with you? If you’re aware that your advisor is retiring, they’ve likely already picked a

Corrective Patterns

As we go through half time in the first quarter of the year, most investors are looking at their account

hot air balloon dollar sign

Markets in Transition

Time to look at the BIIIIG picture. The stock market is definitely setting up for a transition period. We are

Same Same But Different

Check out my video on this topic by clicking here or copy and paste the following link: Stealth bear

colorful 22

All Things 22

Happy 2022!!!  Got to kick off the week last year by having a birthday for my son Evan. He’s 22.

roller coaster ride

The Dip n Bounce

No, I’m not talking about a new TikTok trend. The market did it again. Despite Omicron variant, despite the stuff

Man wearing suit and tie with mouth taped shut

Shut Up, Powell

There are certain words that when said by certain people at certain times, have the ability to illicit extreme responses.

check writing

The Many Benefits of Gifting

Some say selfish…I say damn straight. You should be selfish when giving your money. First, you should be able to

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